JOB TITLE: Budget Analyst

JOB DESCRIPTION: Review and analyze budget documentation to ensure conformance with agreements, contracts and local, state, and federal rules and regulations in the restaurant industry; analyze budget requests and perform continuous budgetary control of revenue and appropriations; review balance sheet items to evaluate financial resources available and impact on budgetary program; prepare monthly and year-end closing journal entries, including system-wide transactions; manage fund balances, enterprise budgeting and reconciliations; review progress of all obligations and maintain sufficient familiarity with operating and financial programs to make early recommendations for reprogramming requests; assemble and compile data used in preparation for financial reporting and/or analysis; regularly monitor spending and receiving of funds against budget and provide timely update and projection to the Chief Financial Officer; gather, track, monitor, research and analyze information on funding, cost, and workforce issues; research variances to plans and allocations; implement corrective actions.

JOB REQUIREMENT: Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Administration or Accounting.


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